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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
It was pretty good. I wish DC would let him and Terry Austin finish the follow up mini to honor Marshall Rogers who was in the middle of drawing it when he unexpectedly died. The Laughing Fish,revamping both Deadshot and Hugo Strange,creating a favorite of mine in Dr. Phosphorus. I wish the comics made more use of Rupert Thorne like Batman:TAS did. He did a stellar arc in JL of A vol.1 too! The Batgirl vs Dr. Phosphorus issue in Batman too. Like Denny he got an elite artist to work with.
Yeah The Laughing Fish was legendary. Grant Morrison could do some really cool stuff with Dr Phosphorous. Any of those off the wall characters like that are right up his alley. As a matter of fact, didn't he try and use him in a story once? Maybe he didn't but I was thinking he did once. Maybe during his arc where he used Professor Pyg or something?
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