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Originally Posted by T-U-R-T-L-E POWA! View Post
Yeah The Laughing Fish was legendary. Grant Morrison could do some really cool stuff with Dr Phosphorous. Any of those off the wall characters like that are right up his alley. As a matter of fact, didn't he try and use him in a story once? Maybe he didn't but I was thinking he did once. Maybe during his arc where he used Professor Pyg or something?
Not that I recall. I know Dr. Phosphorous has been used in the New 52 a couple of times and has a daughter. It could have been when you are referencing. I have not followed Batman specifically in the New 52 run. As for what Morrison could do with the New 52 I don't know. My other favorite off the wall character he did use just to kill him off to give his cred,The Spook who actually is a threat during his decade heyday. You mention Grant pulling the lame out of obscurity and making it cool, the other one that did that was Len Wein in his all too brief of a run on the main Batman title from '78 to '81.
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