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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
No sh!t the second thing is going to happen! I'm a...little disappointed that Ch'rell is emerging on a Universe issue instead of a main line one, but man. This is going to be...bad for everyone involved and both sides will owe Don a very strong coffee at the least.

Um yeah, who in the world thought that was a good idea?
...Probably Ma'riell. She hasn't really been making the best decisions in making amends with former/potential enemies. From the way that sounds, Ch'rell's not going to let that fly.

Just...give them their own darn island, man. Hawaii's got one they're not using. There's plenty in the Pacific ocean.
It might be one of those leave your brain in the other room and enjoy it even if it does not make sense in the universe logic from which it is established. At this point is hard to see why that would be allowed after what happened. Fresh start and co-existence? No. I don't care how peaceful they seem to want to be, history repeats itself its not in the past.
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