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Originally Posted by Sabacooza View Post
Awesome! Thanks for the link. I'll definitely add these to my collection. Not sure if I'm correct about the artist's name but I love S. Fenzo's art.
Oh, yeah, Fenzo really did some nice work during his brief stint on the TMNT franchise.

Originally Posted by Nortock Diab View Post
That rocks!
Do you own the magazines or just the scans?
I will definitely use these to update the index on Tortuepedia.

Regarding my work, I'm not against doing another shot if I can find another full story in original art .

I'm curious to have some feedback on the story in Tales of the TMNT Special .
So glad you like it!

For all the scans uploaded, I own the full issues... although there might be a few missing pages from issue to issue.

I'm sending you a PM regarding possible original art.

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