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Originally Posted by VaughnMichael View Post
I enjoy the episode though and honestly a majority of this silly show.
I know I'm one of few though.
You just have unique tastes, is all... Like Hypno.

No, really, hippo and worm, how does that work... But maybe I don't want to know.

Hypno has clearly missed his actual-hippo sidekick and helper though, so I guess he for some random reason has clung to Warren to fill that void. And maybe a bit clingy out of fear of losing another friend?

What happened to the actual hippo though, I'm not sure they ever said, right...? He's just gone?

Operation Normal... Kind of a cute ep, provided April gets to keep this new friend. The boots thing seemed a bit forced though, looking like regular boots until the baddies got their hands on them.

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