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Oh, I did my part, I'm already on the max level and early in the morning I encountered some good raph teams that beat me but so far the rest of the day the only teams that beat us were other fellow Leo teams so I think Leo has this one won. Hope Leo wins so they realize the design sucks and people want Leo as leader.

Visiting inkopolis is so cool with the neon red/blue raph/leo drawings and memes all over the place. Even the "I don't like TMNT ones" this is good marketing, it might raise interest in this niche that might not care about the turtles. I've seen drawings of OT/Nick/Rise turtles but none of 2k3 ;(

I wonder if this means that Rise is releasing soon or why else would they have the TMNT splatfest so many months before the show releases? It's also a big deal since it's a 3 round splatfest which doesn't normally happen.
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