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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It's very difficult for me to ever watch the 4Kids TMNT, even in something like that. But that particular evening, copious amounts of vodka shared with Plastroncafe helped quite a bit.
Any joy I get from watching Turtles Forever -- and there is quite a bit of it because I loved that damn movie -- is quickly followed by an equal amount of cringing due to the hangover that followed. Cripes that was a lot of vodka.

I don't have nearly the issues with Turtles Forever that a lot of people do. I thought each iteration was treated according to it's kind. From the surreal of the OT to the overly grizzled and grunty of the Mirage era stuff.
Originally Posted by Spike Spiegel View Post
So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
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There's no sense catering just to one demographic which is idiotic.
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just ignore what you don't like rather than obsessing over it and move on with your life.
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