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Yeah, beside the obvious of covering segments you were unable to or grazed over in the last (4kids, TMNT, Next Mutation, Image/Vol. 3, IDW, Nick, etc.), more than anything, I want to see the stuff that didn't get made. There were like 6-7 turtle flicks that didn't come to fruition or were radically evolved from their original concept.

Film-wise there's the first pitch with face-painted comedians, the 4th flick (with Julie Strain, Spyder, "the next mutation", cyber villains, etc. that one had at least 3-4 proposed iterations), the would-be John Woo movie, Steve Barron's 2000 Henson sequel, the Hallmark flick, the Imagi sequel, the John Fusco pre-buyout film, Blue Door, the list goes on & on. Next Mutation's second season was highly developed before being cancelled, Dooney's got a crap ton of concept art for it. & as far as animated series' go, we had two just prior to the 4kids cartoon, one being crude CGI & another hand-drawn (for WB).

Another thing that would be interesting is global impact & international off-shoots. I would be so hyped if you could address the anime/manga, as well as the many toys, all produced in Japan, with wacky re-designs & Sentai/Ultraman aesthetics. Then you've got two different comic series' produced in Mexico & the UK respectively (with the latter also having magazines & newspaper strips, I believe), among other things.

I'll also echo the "anything further to deal with the live action films" enthusiasm, especially regarding the first, though I'd love to see/hear more about the lesser covered sequels.

Some "What-ifs" would be really cool too, similar to the un-produced movies. You know, get Ciro Nieli to describe his original pitch and/or have the team reveal other ideas they pursued prior to his being brought on, maybe some of the Mirage guys can talk about things that never got off the ground (I know Berger had a TMNT comic reboot in development at one point that got nixed due to the buyout), refresh us on those insane concepts Playmates had for the OT, how Next Mutation might have been different (such as how they at one point had Venus in pink, then made her cyan, then made Leo yellow so that there wouldn't be two blues, but ultimately put him back in the classic colors [I think Donnie was in black at one point, too!]), that sort of thing.

Video games! Turtles In Time is such a huge part of gaming culture. At the very least you've gotta show that, not to mention how infamous the first NES title has become.

Oh, & I think a segment about crossovers would be supreme. Focus on Usagi/Stan Sakai, Savage Dragon/Erik Larsen (& by extension their partnership with Image & that series' creation), Flaming Carrot/Bob Burden, & Cerebus/Dave Sim (whose insight could be particularly interesting given he was the first to mesh with them). That's a perfect place to bring up inter-TMNT mash-ups like Turtles Forever, too.

Anyways, mad hyped for this! Good luck! Any ETA?
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