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If you go down to the bottom of AC Farley's page, and check out his art section, there's a bunch of his TMNT art, with a little synopsis to go with it. This one's my favourite:

My friends Dan and Betsy Grenier agreed to model for Casey and April. Then later I had the turtles and Splinter in for a photo shoot and got plenty of reference for the painting.

Raphael was into it.

And I agree with the mutated turtle man above me, Lawson's a genius. I absolutely love his art, sure his humans are a bit off, but this is a comic book and I dig the style. I just got Paleo from PaneltoPanel, (along with the Mike Zulli signed TPB), and the art in it is lush...

And hey Diego! Great to have you on board!! dig the baby turtles...
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