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Originally Posted by Raph's Girl View Post
Iago could be a real bird and just not talk. He hasn't talked at all in Once Upon A Time.

As for Genie. Just watch Once Upon A Time to see how well they do him. Yeah he's not blue but he wasn't entirely blue either in "Kid In Aladdin's Palace" and that was a live action sequel to the animated films.
If your a fan of the Animated films in the 90s you'd know how insulted Iago would be by this? He doesn't even like being asked if he wants a cracker, that's his berserk button.

I'm a fan of the Animated films and the series, you can only imagine how unhappy this makes me

Yes, I'm a wear of Genie's VA being casted a different VA in Return of Jafar and the series but that was back when Robin Williams was a live and had his reasons for not wanting to come back in those and he knew. With him being dead and doing this with him dead it just I don't know doesn't feel right to me

I'm not happy about the Jumunji remake for many other reasons.
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