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Considering how many readers jumped ship after it was axed Id say it's a good bet. I was right in the middle of the whole fiasco, and trust me, it WASN'T pretty. Those of us who were Modding those forums were overwhelmed by the massive amount of posts that got extremely vitriolic. If you guys think THIS place gets bad, you should have seen the height of the OMD rebellion. It was nasty. Fans went so far as to threaten hunting down Quesada (I really don't blame them) burn copies of the comic, riot, march on Marvel, etc.... I can't even remember how many forum members either left orvwere banned, butvit was in the dozens on both counts. There was so much anger at the time that when the boards crashed for several days shortly after the BND reboot, many members simply never came back once they were back up. I still had Mod status about two years later even after having barely posted for over a year (they changed the format and that killed the forums entirely) but it hardly mattered because they were nearly dead by that point. OMD did FAR more damage to Marvel than just one book. It killed a lot of the trust people had in the company, and few of tbe later decisions from the editorial staff helped matters.
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