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Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
Odd that whats you would want to look for in a My Little Pony cartoon.

I'm not a part of the "Brony" fandom, but I enjoy the show for what it is. I'll be looking forward to this movie. Reminds me alot of Disney with the character designs, songs and tone.

I'm most excited for the Villain, she looks awesome.
Okay I may have exaggerated the blood and gore bit, but even Disney films have blood - for example Maleficent in dragon form stabbed with a sword.

MLP is too lovey dovey and friendship cotton candy imo. I dunno, I expect some action at least, this one is too much relying on soft magic. Sonic Boom had Shadow the Hedgehog kicking Tails' head resulting him thrown off into a dimension portal.

Sonic vs Shadow is cool too.

But for the fans, carry on.

I think I found my alternative to cute animals cartoon:


Ready for TMNT in Injustice 2?
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