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I recently saw my first pair of episodes of "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Which were "Origami Tsunami" and "Donnie's gifts" and they were kind of a shock to the system.

- Leonardo's constant joking was grating, he reminded me of Human Torch in "Fantastic Four, the world's greatest heroes" another guy who has no idea how tiring he is.
- Raphael, big dumb jock.
- Donatello, obnoxious wise guy.
- Michelangelo still is Michelangelo, of all of them he's changed the least.

But I did notice that apparently "Apritello" still survives. Which gave me an idea, what if "Rise" Donnie and April end up in the 2012 universe and see their counter parts?

It was too good to pass up, so here's "Rise" Donnie and April being totally freaked out by 2012 series' tone and violence and they haven't even seen the other April and Donnie yet.
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