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Originally Posted by matteso586 View Post
Where are Karai, Shinigami, and the rest of the Foot Clan during the final 1/3 of this arc?.
Yeah Karai says "so what are we going to do" (something like that) and then the 'we' seemed to have disappeared As pointed out though, too many characters and time.

Poor Leatherhead wasn't in great health.

Oh, someone on-line pointed out that the tv airing was different to the DVD, I don't know what, I wonder if they cut anything?

.Makes you wonder what happened to Bebop/Rocksteady and everyone else. I don't believe they all died.
If you are talking about after the bomb, no, some would have some wouldn't. If TC wasn't killed when it first happened I could see him surviving during the apocalypse, either then being killed or just dying eventually.

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