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Originally Posted by Spitfire666xXxXx
Lastly I need to make a call to ANYONE else who would be able to help me on this thing. I can handel it mostly myself but I need someone to help me rip the orgnial sound effects. Aside from that I just need to start on getting the dialog recorded
OH and if you are from the Technodrome and I assgined you a part please post here so I know you still want to do it! And if you helped make that Muntant Ninja Turtles thing on New Grounds could you also post here if your intrested in offering your voice....everyone on the other forum all ditched me so all I have left is to ask you guys....which is great because I only want true turtles fans working on it anyways! And you guys are the grestest bunch of turtles fans ever!!!!!!
how ever else i can help.....just let me know.....

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