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I am getting REALLY tired of '80s characters not so great' treatment from all these cross overs. if that is the only way you can separate the teams from each other and make them all seem shouldn't be writing them.

Other than that little cavet.....the one episode in the entire series that brought a bit of a smile to my face. from start to finish.

Very little complaints in this one.

I'm glad the 2D Animation was made a little better.
Cameo's, from Robocops head, to I think a Teddy Ruxpin doll, to all the years the turtles show was on the air before the nick sale...

One semi replicated music cue from the orignial series. 'There must be someway inside...'

I'm kind of glad they turned bebop and rocksteady into good guys. I always figured if they had one more episode of the old show, B and R would be tired of being stranded in dimension x, and would call the turtles for rescue to turn over a new leaf.
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