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Originally Posted by biganimefan View Post
Personally, I thought the FW Turtles were portrayed MUCH better in this crossover and TransDimensional than in Turtles Forever. There was some "bashing" on them I guess, and there were times that they were a bit over-exaggerated, but overall it was an accurate portrayal. Also, it hurts the FW Turtles a bit that they treat Nick Rocksteady and Bebop like the FW ones.
Thats good to hear. I thought they were spot on in Transdimensional Turtles so its nice to hear they're gonna be like that in this crossover. I don't mind a little bit of exaggeration and fun poked at the 80s turtles as long as they dont go overboard and stay true to their character. Its all good fun.

Also, I'm not surprised the 80s turtles would treat the new B&R like the old ones because they would likely expect incompetent and easy to beat when they hear the words "Bebop and Rocksteady".

edit: I really wanna see that animation "error". A nice homage to the animation mistakes in the 80s show
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