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Originally Posted by Lil Karai View Post

1. Henson turtles will be offered in a smaller scale. Probably via the DVD/home video loophole that they've used before to release Superman and Batman with.

4. Finally, I DEFINITELY would not be surprised (and I think this is the most likely of all the aforementioned), if NECA releases retro TMNT video game characters with a pixelated paint job. They are going strong with their Video Game Appearance (VGA) line of retro games.
I have my fingers firmly crossed for a 1990 Barron Shredder figure. I'm not concerned with the scale-- the higher quality sculpt and materials, the better.

If they go for the 8 bit thing, I really hope they focus on the original NES game over the arcade game. It seems the arcade version seems more popular, but the original NES game really hits my nostalgia chord.

If they go with a nice Mirage comic series, I would probably be tempted to get a few. I always thought the comic Shredder they were working on looked cool. I don't keep close tabs on the toy biz, so I wasn't aware it was never released.
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