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Was anyone else a little disappointed with season four? I'm not sure exactly why, but I didn't find myself as invested in it this time around. Maybe I'm just getting used to the plot mechanics, but there were several moments during season four in which I knew intuitively what was going to happen before it unfolded... and it just kind of took the fun out of watching.

There was one episode that I found really, really tedious (which I won't be specific about, out of respect for others who have yet to catch up). The entire episode was one long, grueling battle. Usually I'm an insanely patient person, but even my limits were tested. I found myself thinking, okay, I get the idea... let's move on... but it kept going. And going. And going.

Random thoughts:

I do like that Sansa is finally participating...

Dany seems to be making a whole string of bad decisions, though she believes that they are wise decisions...

I loved the Moon Door scene! You know the one of which I speak...

Lastly, for the first time this season, I thought that there were a few instances in which the gore lost all shock value and became completely redundant.
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