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So feeling emboldened by my previous attempt, I decided to up the challenge level yet again and go in a completely different direction. This MAY be my best one yet, although I admit that I have a strong bias...

I'd already had the sketch laid down a long time ago, but I was hesitant to get started on painting it because I wasn't sure if I could pull off something so detailed. But the Freddy Krueger painting put me in a good place, and feeling confident, I decided to finally go ahead and attack this one.

This Hulk Hogan portrait was by far the most difficult and involved one yet, taking altogether around 24 hours from the rough sketch to the finishing brush strokes. As I said, I laid down the sketch a few months ago and did the painting in stages over the last couple of days, starting with the background before doing the main figure. The last thing I did was the details and highlights on the Championship belt.

There wasn't any one part that was really more difficult than the others, although faces are always difficult. It was just very involved and took a lot of time, particularly the texturing and details. When doing a piece like this, in general it only takes a couple of hours to fill in all the solid color areas with whatever base colors you're using - Light Brown, Gloss Yellow and Bright Red, in this case - but it can take about 12 hours to do all the small line work, shading, texturing, dry-brushing, etc. That's what really takes the most time and effort, but if you do it right and just commit to it, you can really get some good depth. Altogether I used around 20 different colors on it.

This one was very challenging to do, but it came out even better than I'd hoped and I'm altogether very happy with it.

Also, in case anyone is interested, I am open to doing commissioned paintings on a limited basis on request. So if you have a character portrait or something like that in mind and you'd like me to do one, please let me know and we can talk about it. I'm still getting into it but if you like what you see so far, by all means hit me up and perhaps I can do something for you as well.

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