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This is an awesome idea.
I was tempted to mark the toys I had but figured that's kinda cheating and considering I haven't seen many of them in years, possibly stolen or lost in various moves.

I was disappointing to see the list is limited to just vintage toys. The new Nick line were not added and none of the other collectables, such as VHS or video games. I still have a great copy of Turtles in Time on my still working SNES!
Also a comics inventory would be great but I imagine that maybe more tedious to put together than the toy list.
Also, why is the only "modify" option the one to delete? I hope it's a future function to be added on later. It be nice to go in and add in an image link once I get to it without having to delete the entire figure entry and then putting all the information back in.

Overall this is a great idea and feature and I only needed to hop on Google to check print years for a couple figures, as well as learn what the C-rating is on figures. I never really paid attention to that. I either buy toys to display loose or to keep packaged and displayed encase of a possible collector's value.
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