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I loved the cartoon as a kid too. Thought it was one of the best shows ever at that time. Fun to watch but slightly serious at times. The intro was badass to me. Liked all the main characters.

I still like the show as an adult, though it's not as good as I remembered it. It's not one of the best shows ever after all, but half of the episodes are still fun to watch. It's alright in small doses. A guilty pleasure that has its ups and downs (similar to Pokémon). Some episodes are actually more enjoyable to me as an adult, though, as a lot of the humour such as Raphael's sarcastic remarks and the batter between Shredder and Krang went over my head as a kid.

I think the Fred Wolf toon was a good introduction to the Turtles anyway, as I probably wouldn't have become a fan of tmnt or been interested in watching the 4Kids series without watching it first.
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