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Originally Posted by DevilSpooky View Post
I have memory of always knowing her as Langinstein, and thats from even before the big Internet boom... WTF?!

EDIT: So I can't link it because you need to be a member there so see it but if you google "card 44 irma panini" you find a card from Panini's sticker collection of the Nick Turtles, this is a card of Irma and it does identify her as Irma Langinstein, this is a Licensed collectible so at least Nick's Irma actually has the surname Langinstein. The site is BTW and it's a site for people to trade stickers and trading cards.
Probably cribbed from somewhere else on the internet and then signed off on as an oversight. If we can't keep things like this straight, some studio heads probably don't even give a dook.

Probably how "Tilley" is starting to show up as Renet's surname elsewhere despite only being mentioned in one thing ever, that almost nobody (comparatively) has read.
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