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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Neither is a good fit for Shredder as we know him, one's too much, one's too little. Needs a happy medium. But as far as general "coolness" goes, the first one is pretty wild. With respect to OOTS, for general Oroku Saki garb, the leather get-up is just fine, definitely works. But adding a cheesy helmet to it & calling it a day? Nah.

I voted 2014, but like I said, they're both fundamentally "wrong" one way or another. You could do something similar to either of 'em though, with a little bit of work.
I agree with this and voted 2014. It's a terrible Shredder but at least it looks a little cool in its over the top-ness. The OOTS one is just dull beyond belief, and the only actual bladed parts, the gauntlet and the helmet, have the same problems as the 2014 suit; way over-designed.
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