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A movie with the basic premise of OOTS should have been made instead, but not the Bay movies we got.

It should have followed the original trilogy/2007 film in loose continuity. It should have started with a flashback showing the origin, then Shredder being beaten by the turtles, and sent to prison- end flashback. Then, follow OOTS's sequence of events LOOSELY in plot; Shredder is being trasferred to solitary confinement in upstate New York, and Rocksteady and Bebop and in the prison convoy with shredder. A chase scene where the turtles try to stop the Foot breaking him from the prison truck, and the three criminals get free. Baxter Stockman, the foots scientist, reveals he's made contact with a an alien being named Krang, and uses Krang's info to mutate rocksteady and bebop. Shredder strikes a deal with Krang to open a portal to earth. The turtles fight the foot and the two mutants all over the globe to stop them from assembling the pieces of the portal device, and have a final battle in New York to stop the technodrome and krang from coming through.

Casey and April already know the TMNT, and the turtles have their Henson designs, and actually use their weapons on the foot soldiers. Basically anyone who has seen any version of the TMNT before this could follow it. It wouldn't make everybody happy, but it'd make the most people happy.
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