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I'm going to try putting this a different way....

In 2014, when the Nick series was in full swing, turtlemania was running high again, people had at least goodwill towards the franchise, and people were at least willing to give a tmnt film a shot, asnd everybody who was going to see this film already knew the gist of the origin.....

... a film, NOT made by Micheal Bay or Platinum Dunes, with writers, producers, and a director who cared about the franchise, with better turtle designs, a better written script, a Casey and April who look like Casey and April, the turtles already knowing Casey and April, and a flashback that tells the origin and first battle against shredder...

...under those circumstances, a movie that followed the chain of events of Out of the shadows (shredder busted out of prison, shredder makes a deal with krang to bring the technodrome to earth, shredder has Baxter create rocksteady and bebop, the turtles and the foot race all over the world finding pieces of the portal to dimension X, and a climax on the assembling technodrome to prevent Krang's war machine from appearing in NYC) without the sex and fart jokes, megan fox, whiny Casey, and good dialouge and martial arts fight sequences.... a movie under these conditions probably would've been a hit.
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