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Originally Posted by d_osborn View Post
Yeah-- that just means Shredder is super confident in his ninjitsu AND then-modern 90's fashion. The Shredder costume design is essentially a FAB pink sequined Foot soldier suit, anyway.

It's easily my favorite adaptation of the character. Hopefully NECA doesn't tone down the more... eclectic elements of the design.

Any accessory theories/wishlists? Spear and cape, obviously. Perhaps a CRT TV with a dagger lodged in the screen? Loose Dragon Doji headband for him to hold? A can of turtle soup?
Hahaha! For sure ... he's a trendsetter.

I think my main wants are the spear and the cape ... but getting a dagger or even the April drawn portrait of Leonardo (...."they'reeeee BACK!") would be awesome.
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