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A new acquisition inspired me to start a little project. I found another cel from the season 1 episode "Shredder and Splintered".
It's from the end of the episode where Krang tells the Shredder to climb on his back and they fly away. This is how it originally arrived, with an incorrect background:

I looked at the DVD and noticed it would be hard to Photoshop a clean background for this scene. I decided to digitally paint a new one instead,
using the original as a reference. I painted Shredder to be on a separate layer since he's in front of Krang. Also, I sampled my colors from the original DVD screenshot:

I printed each layer out separately. The background is printed on card stock and Shredder is printed on photo paper to give him that extra shine and cel look.
I cut Shredder out and laid him over Krang for the composite. Here's the final result. I'm not too happy with the quality of the prints. I may get better quality prints in the future.
The other problem is Shredder seems just a little bit too big. Just a little experiment I wanted to share!

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