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Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
I can't stop playing this Future joint
The MC is not my style, but that beat is killer.

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
I mostly listen to old-school boom bap & whatnot. My favorite acts are NWA, Gangstarr, House Of Pain, Wu-Tang Clan, & many more as you can guess.
What about Public Enemy? I always found it to pretty insane that Flav is the most famous member lol. Chuck D and Terminator are geniuses.

Gotten into a bunch of Japanese hip-hop in recent years. Rhymester, King Giddra, Soulscream, Naked Artz, Buddha Brand, etc. This sh*t right here is hard as hell but it won't be for everyone 'cause of the language barrier. Still, you don't needa know the language to feel a tough track.
Yeah, those beats are all awesome. Who's their producer?

Also, do you know of Nujabes? He was my gateway drug into Japanese back when Samuari Champloo was on, I've kinda forgotten a lot of them, but I still bump him.

Originally Posted by Dust View Post
Well that's a complete lie, anyone who's a fan of hip hop or rap know Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

edit: I'm listening to Kendrick and Gambino mostly at the moment, with a bit of Wu-Tang Clan mixed in.
I love Kendrick. I hate pretty much all mainstream stuff, but he's a real talent.

Not my favorite of his, but relevant to the fact that this is a TMNT thread:

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