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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
I thought that was Nul "selling" Earth to Malinga in Archie Adventures?
Don’t know the Archie comics but if they were, it seems they have the same idea, just need to get rid of the current tenants.

EDIT: Okay, so I work at a library (closed to the public, but I do work from there). The issue is from TMNT Universe vol 4 and is the issue when Raph and Alopex fight Zodi and a debuting Krisa (snake girl) and disrupt Null’s mutant program by freeing a bunch of animals. There was a lab where they were growing some kind of creatures, I don’t have scans ATM.

Madame Null receives a call afterwords and says “We suffered a bit of a set back tonight but rest assured, we’ll have the planet purged and primed for you right on schedule.”

If the idea is to prepare earth for an incoming alien race, then, who knows, perhaps they need to destroy humanity and build a mutant slave class for them, I don’t know. Questions to be answered later.
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