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Uh, yeah, about that... Can we please just accept that Bebop and Rocksteady:
  1. Are not very compelling characters at their core.
  2. Tend to be depicted in a really annoying way.
  3. Are not in any way, shape or form "essential" to TMNT.
  4. Do not need to be in a movie.
  5. If used in a movie at all, ought to be given the role of barely important obstacles, a few fight scenes and next to no focus beyond that.
  6. Could be ignored in favor of far better characters.
  7. In PD's depiction of them were a horrible addition that made the movie even worse than it needed to be.
  8. Were only ever decent in the IDW series and the central joke there is that nobody wants them around.
  9. That even after 33 years, they were basically only ever important in the Fred Wolf cartoon. Archie basically got rid of them ASAP, they're only in about 15% of the IDW series and in the Nick show they didn't appear until after the cracks were too obvious to ignore. In anything else they're basically absent.
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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