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I don't know if I really understand the request either, but there are a few good fan-projects either partially inspired by or based off elements of the TMNT arcade games. All of them are incomplete at present, however.

Decent project trying to recreate the Arcade Engine but hasn't been updated in years:

BonusJZ started his own attempt at a TMNT beat-em-up:

It seems he may have long since abandoned the project, however. Fortunately, a Russian fan has picked up where he left off and has been slowly releasing some updates for his re-branded version of the game "Red Sky Battle":

bwwd started another OpenBOR based game but never released anything playable:

DonnieSheldon has been making a cool looking game:

Also, for completion's sake, here's my old & busted attempt at a game from nearly a decade ago:
It's currently being overhauled via Ninjinister!

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