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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Keeping with the happy thought theme...for 2011 TMNT #1 ranks 417 in quantity and 239 in sales ($$).
Good to see IDW's Godzilla had fantastic sales for its first issue (ranked 54th in sales and 102nd in quantity). I don't buy the book, but I do hope it wets the U.S. appetite for a new 'Zilla film in the near future.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post

Also, I was looking back at an old blurb from Dan Berger -- and now, this has absolutely zero bearing on any comic book sales right now of any book, anywhere at any publisher right now -- it might interest people to know that, at its peak, TMNT Adventures at Archie was selling 400,000 copies an issue.

Also, a very true quote: "Comics sold well when they were 'cheap entertainment' - when they started costing a small fortune, kids (and/or their parents) migrated to more affordable entertainment and all that was left were 'addicted' adults, and that's where the death by attrition began."
While there certainly are a handful of titles that I've followed in the last few years and they have brought me some great satisfaction, but I really do miss the good ol' 90s when comic were a great source of "cheap entertainment" for kids and kids-at-heart. Back then, I could buy Batman Adventures, TMNT Adventures, Sonic the Hedgehog, Animaniacs, etc. at my local small-town grocery store. Nowadays the only place to find comics on the shelf is a LCS specialty store occupied mostly by people in their 20s and 30s. It certainly is a change. Whether it's for the better or not I can't say.

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