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Originally Posted by Matches Malone View Post
Is there a particular source you are getting sales chart numbers for the past TMNT volumes? I'd definitely be interested in checking those numbers out.
All we have on the Archie series is Dan's comment about the hundred-plus thousand copies a month at its peak. On Mirage we know that at least until somewhere after Return to New York was selling pretty damn well. For Vol. 3 we can see most of those sales figures on the same place, same link I'm getting the month-to-month figures now. Dreamwave you can find on there as well, if anyone's interested.

I don't think we have anything to worry about. How can IDW keep that series going when it hits 300, but TMNT makes 100 and we're acting like the series is in trouble? Seriously.
Who's acting like it's in trouble? Early warning signs of "trouble" would be bleeding thousands of readers/issues every month which, at a certain point, becomes chartable ending at a certain unsustainable point... but that doesn't seem to be what's happening at all.
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