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Originally Posted by Splint'r View Post
Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it. Here's my latest update. I will be moving to a new home by the end of October. Thought it would be sooner, but that didn't pan out. So that's less than 2 months from now. I have all this time, to come up with enough scratch, in order to secure a decent home to rent (not buy), so that means, I need to keep my nose down to my drawing board and develop as much product as I can, to sell. My art, tends to make a decent sum, so I'm crossing my fingers, I don't have to over-exert myself to reach my quota.

Once my family and I are moved in and settled, I can finally resume work on this project and take it all the way.

There is no rushing this project and I really want to push the accuracy as far as I can. My Don is sitting by my desk and begging for his bros to be finished.

Thank you guys so much, for your encouraging words and tips/suggestions.

I wish I could give you the exact dimensions of the ball peg. I went about making a silicone mold of it and used that to make the holes inside the head.

I currently have about 7 more copies of Donatello heads, but they all need the bandana to be painted, which I'll get to maybe next week. I'll make those available and end production until I can get the other bros finished.

They'll be available on my ebay page soon and I'll give the tip off here, in case anyone's interested. If I don't make that deadline, forgive me. I'll try again another day.

Take care bros.

PS. Trevor is AWESOME.
Good luck man! Will check back soon!
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