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I am lucky enough to have been sent a painted prototype of this head, and let me tell you from firsthand knowledge: it is incredible. The level of detail and accuracy Nar has achieved here is top-notch, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that Donnie's likeness here is on par with NECA's Donnie, just on a much, much smaller scale (I have both the NECA Donnie and Nar's prototype head - attached to my Playmates classics figure - sitting on my desk, fyi...)
The 1990 Henson turtles have been my favorite incarnation of the turtles my whole life, so naturally I was super pumped when NECA started their line. However, I know that the price tag and the scale of those figures make them difficult if not impossible for many fans to buy. If that applies to you and if you get a chance to get one of these head sculpts here (assuming Nar makes them available for purchase), do it. You won't be disappointed, and that tiny, sad hole in your heart from not having Henson turtle figures that will fit in your house will be fulfilled.
Excellent work, Nar, truly! Thank you so much for the prototype!
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