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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I guess so... but FW bears as much resemblance to Mirage TMNT as that "Let's put Billy Crystal and a bunch of 80s comedians in costumes" TMNT 1 movie pitch.

* Mirage: Four Turtles raised by Splinter for the sole purpose of assassinating Oroku Saki. They do so, and murder a ton of Foot in the process. Eventually they break the circle of bloody vengeance and free themselves of it. They also go on intergalactic adventures, travels through time, and more, and do a lot of soul searching in the process. Splinter has a heart attack and dies reaching for the milk. Eventually they all grow apart and die alone.

* Fred Wolf: Four Turtles are raised by Splinter to be heroes (I guess?) for mankind, then occasionally thwart the wacky plans of an interdimensional brain who is Oroku Saki's boss. They never quite succeed. Mostly they putz around randomly encountering scores of goofy mutants, eat a lot of pizza, tell a lot of jokes, and don't have any character arcs or growth at all from the beginning of the show all the way to the end.
Spot on as always....
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