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Originally Posted by mikedrummer27 View Post
Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong forum

I've been collecting Ninja Turtles for about a year now, I started with the 4 original turtles, got them complete, then bought the turtle van, and found a few others here and there.

Then last weekend I was on Kijiji and this guy had 81 figures and a ton of vehicles for $650, so I jumped on it. Every figure was complete except for like 3 accessories. I was in heaven! Even the vehicles were all mostly complete. The Foot Cruiser, technodrome, and turtlecycle were complete, they were the only ones I really cared about, as I pretty much just wanna collect the characters and vehicles from the first two seasons. Figured I could trade the rest for other vehicles I needed

The only pics I got so far were of the actual item listing, but check it out.

There was a ton more I got, that wasn't pictured, big bag of accessories, card backs, parts of vehicle packaging, paper work, unused sticker sheets.


holy crap dude! sweet freakin score!

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