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Originally Posted by DonnieLaForge View Post
I'm 100% in for the four turtles no matter what. Gotta keep the lineage complete... Probably all of wave 1 so long as it sticks to the mainstays.

People, heed my warning, it's the first-wave turtles from the failed shows that end up raking in the $$$ cuz everyone poo-poos them and leaves them at the store to be hauled to the dump and before we know it we all want them for completion but it's too late! eBay got yer number then!
Iím thinking about this time around only collecting the non-turtle figures. Like April, Splinter and so forth. I donít need 100 turtle variants. Iíll stick to the 20 non-turtles that get produced. Or at least being very selective with the actual turtle figs I pick up. But canít know for sure until I see the show and see the toys. Iíll pick me up an Iron-Man Donnie though.
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