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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
You are thinking something along my train of thought. I was thinking about how they wonder space and come across Stump Asteroid which relocated dimensions after the Trial of Krang bit needing a fresh start and more profits. Perhaps recruit Scumbug unless Stump sees them as losing more profit then gaining for him because they break everything in their path on purpose and even more by accident.. Then Bebop and Rocksteady running amok on Shell ra'la home of the Turtloids and Metalhead 2.0 stops them.
I'm with you until that. Then I'm out. Hard pass.

And yeah, ChosenOne seems to be on the money... they're the TMNT Deadpool now. Violent, insane, and out rollicking around in crazytown.

I suppose by this point, it is really hard to rein them in. They're pretty overpowered. Although it sounds like this mini-series might be reducing their power level (which would help get them back in the main series)...
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