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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
I'm with you until that. Then I'm out. Hard pass.

And yeah, ChosenOne seems to be on the money... they're the TMNT Deadpool now. Violent, insane, and out rollicking around in crazytown.

I suppose by this point, it is really hard to rein them in. They're pretty overpowered. Although it sounds like this mini-series might be reducing their power level (which would help get them back in the main series)...
I was referring to them exploring space and encountering TMNT staples obscure or familar, if not call back to early adventures the two shared not the specifics like Stump Asteroid and Shell'ra la. It would be a good place for Metalhead 2.0 to reemerge, an outerspace mini with Bebop and Rocksteady considering the history.

They needed to be Juggernauts in IDW after they were made to be too stupid and butt of jokes becoming their kryptonite every time. Its just they are too invulnerable. This is a good example at how they are too strong and need to be weakened a bit.
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