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Originally Posted by shredder orokusaki View Post
I am waiting for PC version release to play but in the meantime if you have Mortal Kombat 10, Street fighter 5, Tekken 7 and Injustice 1 add me on steam TO BEAT YOU! I WILL BEAT YOU ALL!!! SHREDDER is my steam user name! Add me and WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!!
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I doubt your computer could run it anyway.
Originally Posted by shredder orokusaki View Post
It runs all fighters at max settings 2560x1440 so there is no doubt it will run it especialy now that ihave new cpu and ram! I dont care about waiting. It not like i have enoug time to play anyway since most of the day iam fighting my enemies!

Originally Posted by shredder orokusaki View Post
Seems like the turtles are trying to prevent me from beating them online. The graphics card started getting destroyed as since 2 days in some games it has artifacts and the monitor switch on and off after some time. Now i have to buy 1070 ti. But i noticed this is not happening on fighters yet. Matybe because they are not so demanding. In the next days i am getting a new graphics card!

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