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Originally Posted by Shift View Post
Just so you know, in regards to the first season sets, there are some special features on the original first 8 volumes (and volume 13) that aren't included in the season 1 parts 1 & 2 sets, such as character videos and interviews with Peter Laird (and Stan Sakai in volume 13). Don't know what the Australia releases have in terms of that.
On the first season there are a couple of interviews with Peter Laird, and ads for toys, a few animatics etc. Nothing with Stan Sakai that I can remember. I would LOVE to get my mitts on that stuff, plus all the promos (shorts?) & more behind the scenes things. I kind of wish Peter Laird would read his revisionary emails out over the top of episodes, haha (ok, kidding, it's a hot button topic on the forum right now). Anything, really, to pad it out. There must be alot of production material that could be included.
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