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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
l-star Game. Dragon shield or Zeo Gold?

Also, is it strange that I remember the original six like yesterday, but as the first five seasons progress I remember less and less? I feel like it should be the opposite. Is anyone else like that? Not even Power Rangers but any other show/franchise?
For me, they're equally memorable. It's probably because I've been watching nonstop since the first season, and rarely missed an episode.

I just finished a marathon of the first six seasons since I remembered Power Playback OTO, where on Fox Kids, they were going to show most of the episodes from Mighty Morphin to Power Rangers in Space for the last time. Instead, they cut it short and stopped at "The Mutiny". I'm also going to watch Lost Galaxy and Samurai since Bulk is in them, and Dino Thunder since Tommy is in it.

As I was watching Power Rangers in Space and got to the Psycho Rangers saga, I started looking forward to Megaranger on DVD even more. It's too bad they had to push the release date back twice. If they hadn't at all, we could have gotten it later this month, or next month.
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