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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Say, I wonder as these start coming out, if we'll be visited by any more Viacom/Paramount/Nickelodeon PLANTS.

Oh, what...
What are you talking about dude? Kinda the reason why I lurked here for so many years without joining was because people on here are so unnecessarily hostile to any opinion whatsoever. *sigh* Not that I should have to justify myself to anyone because I've only been a member since 2014, (like it should matter) but I am 35 years old and have been a fan since TMNT made it's debut in the 80's when I was a child.

Peter Laird literally sat in the passenger seat of my car at the Shellback signoff last year so questioning my integrity about the topic in this thread is a little unnecessary... so yea... it's just my opinion. You don't really need to be a passive aggressive dick.

By the way I work for Lowes... not Viacom, Paramount or Nickelodeon...

Thank you to evan2000 for the AWESOME gif! <3

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