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I’m hoping Amazing Adventures gets revived to deal with all these hanging threads. The Mutanimals could get Alopex, Bigfoot’s kids, Malachi, Kurtzman’s sweetie, Zemo, Ace Duck, and maybe the Punk Frogs to side with them as new members, to take out the Chimera (still at large), the gangsters, and more. And also, what became of Ace Duck (not to mention other possible Foot rejects), the last parasitic wasp, and the last mushroom kid? And maybe Vic could become a retromutagen salesman, distributing it to other humans-turned-mutants? And how will Muckman help mutantkind go public? Will the TMNT have to simply hide their ninja lives from the world, not their existence? Could Pizza Face be linked to the Dream Beavers and/or Neutrinos somehow?

I was disappointed they never bothered with a 2k3 crossover, either. At least a cameo would have been worth it. I wanted to see the link between KSP and Ch'rell, if applicable. And what happened to those Space Turtle alternates? Will they meet Cudley? Could this universe even be Cudley's native one?

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