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Exclamation 999

-->> ..i'm on it, man .. i got the blogg open i'll update that..

..yeh ,hell man ..
ANYTHING YOU NEED .. you guys and Peanut go for it.. !!

.. i've cross posted T-drome news before and sourced it direct down to the forum post.

it's so hard keeping up with Turtles news.. serious.. it's like headache.

..the best way ..other than scoopin' news feeds and blogs is by helping eachother out. Naw i may not 100 % all the time get all the top stories and crap ..

.. but sometimes there's some pretty crazy shtuff i run into.. so ..

oi oi .. my head hurts right now.. !!

Thanks again, K !! R1ckR0ck !!

..i may not be on every day .. but i'll always be around..

!!terrible2z/GGM!!/T.G.R.I./ ..モンスターのカメを解読しなさい。
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