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I'm with ya on that one. One of the best parts of my job is putting people in the best shape of their lives at a time when they thought it wasn't possible. It totally is, some people just need a little push.

Like most people, the "best" shape of my life was probably in high school - aka, "the last time I had visible abs" - but I'm definitely stronger, more durable, and with a comparable body fat level to back then, so I'll take it. I also didn't manage to get into wrestling until around 28, when most of my contemporaries started around 15-18, and I've done OK with it, to the point where apparently only people who know me well are even aware how much older I am than everyone else involved. I take some pride in that, as after 25 came and went and I hadn't even started training, I kind of figured wrestling wasn't going to happen, as it's a very size and age-prejudiced business, but it worked itself out.

The fact I've managed to do alright with wrestling while getting myself into shape comparable with where I was at 17 also makes me feel pretty good since I manged to do it all with a cracked C6 vertebrae I unknowingly suffered in high school. I somehow never noticed it until I had a neck X-ray done in 2006 or somewhere around there. I'm kind of glad, because if I had known about it sooner, I probably would have taken fewer risks with my body; finding out about it years later, after already having done a lot of stuff with no ill effects, made me confident that it wasn't going to keep me from doing things. I do have to be a little more careful with lifting, and doing certain wrestling moves, but altogether, I think I'm doing okay.

But I certainly haven't let my age, injuries, or anything like that hold me back or slow me down. If anything, I just wish I'd gotten an earlier start on certain things. Like, my Dad got to see me wrestle, but he died before he saw me when I was any good, so that's kind of a bummer. But that's life, I guess.

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