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I think my brain has been trying to off load crap these past two nights.

One night a guy suddenly taking the place of his partner (involuntarily) to give birth, like right there his belly just grew to size, then when everyone wondered how the baby would be coming out, his bottom half vanished and was replaced.. very traumatised person there, staggering about and freaking out. After the Drs took him away I was cleaning up...quite ugly dolls from off the floor, they were supposed to have replaced barbies youngest sister... after that I needed to eat so I was getting tons of junk food (that I have never even seen in real life) like I had my arms full and was going to eat it all ….all the while walking around in a cowboy hat.

Last night I am in a storm ridden holiday resort years in the past, like aggressive storms raising from the sea and people were lying on the beech trying to catch the bits of sun in-between, I have a lion walking next to me on two legs, occasionally looking at me to make sure it still had my attention... it was trying to fit in with the people by copying them.

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