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I used the Portal to warp to Dimension X last night, is it soon? Also, do I end up going back to the city in-story to finish getting those hidden things, or should I just go back and do all that before I do Dimension X? Does it matter?

Also, it's not exactly hard to find where you're going or what your next objective is but the game could use some kind of hint system or even like a "Next Objective: Go Here/Do This", just because I missed part of a cutscene, saved the game, went to bed, went to work, then started playing again after I got home, and if I hadn't half-remembered Donnie saying something about going back to TCRI, I would have no idea where to go next because I'd completely forgotten what I was doing. And it still took an hour of aimless circling around before I even remembered, "Wait, I think Donnie said to go back to TCRI," and even then I wasn't sure because I missed part of the cutscene. I'unno, I don't think it would have hurt anything just to have an Objective marker or something.

I'unno it's fine.

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